Physical Education & Nutrition

Physical Activity

Students attend physical education classes once a week with Mr. Hiltz.

Each classroom teacher also engages students in exercise through the Move to Improve (OPEN EXTERNAL LINK) program. Students engage in outdoor recess daily. as well. We have an after-school dance program with Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy (OPEN EXTERNAL LINK) and an annual holiday show and dance festival, giving students several opportunities to move their bodies to music, throughout the school year. 

We also recognize Wellness Wednesday with mini lessons and activities for both students and staff, with topics ranging from healthy eating to meditation. 

Mr. Hiltz Takes on The Rock Wall During Staff Wellness Professional Development Session


We partner with FoodBank NYC to offer CookShop Classroom (OPEN EXTERNAL LINK). "CookShop teaches nutrition and physical activity information, as well as cooking skills, fostering enthusiasm for fresh, affordable fruits, vegetables and other whole foods." In addition to classroom lessons for students, we facilitate the series of CookShop for Families workshops, as well. 

CookShop - UFT